Beginner Juicing Tips: easing into the green

When I started, I really could have done with beginner juicing tips. However, with my lovely masticating juicer I got stuck right in. I was so enthusiastic and just wanted to get as much of the good stuff inside me as I could. I didn’t really pay much attention to juice recipes.

I did have to endure a bit of a stomach upset here and there as my poor stomach wasn’t able to handle kale and cabbage juice. Well not in the quantities I was supplying, anyway!

Also, if you’re expecting a nice sweet orange and passion fruit flavour from cabbage and kale juice, you’re in for a surprise. And it’s the kind of surprise that can really put you off.

Beginner juicing tips to avoid upsets

So here are my beginner juicing tips

Juicing Tip one – carrots

Carrots are great in juice and they yield an awful lot of juice. They are hard but your masticating juicer will simply munch them up. Compared to the greens they are an easy-going flavour and you will get used to them quickly. If you have good centrifugal juicer, you can still make a carrot juice.

Carrots are great to add vegetable to a mainly fruity juice. This will reduce the overall sugar (fructose) content as carrots have a low GIycemic Load. It scores just 3 for 100 gms. That means you can get through a lot of carrots before getting fat. There are good guys in carrots, particularly vitamin A.

Lemons to add some zing

Lemons almost made it to the top of my beginner juicing tips. I use a lot of lemons. Although acidic lemon juice has an alkalising effect in the body. Sounds odd I know but apparently that is the case.

Adding an entire lemon to your juice, pips and everything, really gives it some zing. It detracts from any of the less pleasantly flavoured ingredients. I found it really helped when I was getting used to celery. I can now manage celery, before I detested it.

If in doubt add a lemon!

Beginner juicing tips

Beginner juicing tips – use these fruit and veg

Ginger for EVEN MORE zing!

I like ginger.  I do appreciate that it can be a little strong for some people. So for beginner juicers I suggest caution, only add a small piece. But adding this, especially with lemon, really takes the edge right off any unpleasant flavours.

Ginger is a great beginners juicing tip that just isn’t obvious. It will really wake you up in the morning too.

Add an apple

The fourth and final entry of my beginner juicing tips is the good old apple. This adds sweetness and is another way to ease into green juicing. Be kind to yourself adding an apple will really take the edge off the vegetable flavour and allow your palate to adjust.

In fact, these four ingredients make a great juice in themselves. It will taste very fruity but will be some distance from your tetra pack orange and apple juice. And very much in the right direction.

Bonus tips for green juicing

Before you through yourself at the kale and cabbage juice you should look at a further easing in plan. Here’s a link to a page about easing into green juicing. This is more of a strategy than a tip but is very useful for beginners. I’d alter it slightly as personally celery is a challenge…

In short here is the easing your way to kale strategy

  1. celery, fennel, cucumbers (love these in juice)
  2. lettuce, spinach
  3. cabbage bak choy
  4. parsley, cilantro (coriander leaf!)
  5. kale, greens and dandelion

Building up slowly is a good idea, take heed.

So there you have my four beginner juicing tips (plus greens strategy). Let me know how you get on and if you have any of your own. Get juicing!

One final beginner juicing tip to go…

Dilute your juice with water. Pour some filtered water through your juicer machine. This helps to flush out any ‘remnants’ and helps the cleaning process!

Juicing is great for your healthy and is the food of Champions

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